Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.

Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Psalm 127:3-5

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is Our Story, This is Our Song, Praising Our Savior All the Day Long!

The title of our post today is from the song, Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine.  We are praising God for our safe and joyous return home!  EVERYTHING about our trip was FANTASTIC! Especially the two extra sweeties that we got to bring home with us!  Along the way God made sure we crossed paths with some wonderful people.  We enjoyed sharing our story with them.

Johnny, Sonya, Dusty, Carolyn - waiting in the airport

Carolyn LOVES Dusty!

Johnny LOVES Sonya!
Sonya LOVES airplane rides - especially takeoffs and landings!
Lufthansa is the BEST!
Dusty LOVES airplane food!

Daddy having a great time with his sweeties.

All four in a row - happy and content!

Sleepy boy & Grandma Brwee

In the Good ol' US of A!

Special occasion calls for special transportation!  Thank you VERY MUCH - you know who!
Johnny was asleep before we even left the airport.
The girls!
The guys!
Finally we arrived home and were welcomed by...

Papa C.

And Great Aunt Dollie

Sonya loved Papa's mustache.

Dusty loved Grandma's hugs.

Group Picture then inside Grandma & Papa's House for a bite to eat!
Food and then Snuggles!

On Papa's lap - best seat in the house!
Sonya agrees with Dusty!
Johnny slept through dinner
Welcome HOME - It's a Girl... It's a Boy!!!!
First morning in our home - together for breakfast!
Then off to the Doctor's Office
Our doctor recommended we take the children to St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond.
Our Little Tiger! 
St. Mary's Hospital IS WONDERFUL!
Getting BETTER!  Loving the strawberry ice cream!  
We certainly wish the children were able to be at home with us.  Fortunately they are in a wonderful hospital with fantastic doctors and loving nurses.  The children are in the SAME room and John has been with them the entire time.  It's an hour away from our house so the rest of us are able to go and visit each day for a few hours - even Johnny and Carolyn!  Grandma Brwee is going to spend the night tonight since John works on Monday.  We will keep you posted on their progress.  Thanks for your continued prayers!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Looks like we're a "GO!"

Dear Friends -

We have been gone for 40 days and 40 nights.  Feeling like Noah.  We are ready to get OFF the ark and see the Rainbow over our home!  Thank you God, thank you sweet Nikita Frederick and thank you Reece's Rainbow!  We are spending our last night in EE before flying home on Thursday, the 19th.  Thank YOU for your prayers and support - we were at times out of touch while here, but never felt alone!

Operation - Rescue Arrows is almost complete!
Gotcha Day was VERY exciting!  We arrived at the orphanage during nap time and gave the nannies the clothes for our children.  Dusty wore the overalls that Johnny used to wear.  Sonya and Carolyn will be sharing the dress Sonya wore.  Sonya was SO happy to see us.  Sonya practically jumped out of the nanny's arms.  Thankfully Momma was there to catch her!

Dusty loved hanging out with Daddy in the car.  Daddy loved it, too.  Good bye orphanage - FOREVER!  

Father and Son

I'm going HOME with MY FAMILY!

Thank you GOD!

We had several stops to make - including going to get BIG brother Johnny, little sister Carolyn, Grandma "Brwee" and all our luggage.   Then we needed to make a "mad dash" to the train station - in two cars.  Our trusty entourage got us there with one minute to spare.  Phew!  Thank you "Uncle" Edward, Tatyana and Valentine! 

Packa - Packa!   

The first leg of our trip home, a 6 hour train ride, went very well, although the train cars did not have AC!  It was a steamy ride, so off with the children's tights and socks.  Dusty and Sonya thought it was great fun having their toes free!

Watching iPhoto slide show of our days together
So HOT... must... have... WATER
Carolyn and Johnny LOVING LIFE being all together
No Worries!
No picky eaters here! We are feeding Dusty & Sonya late stage baby food, yogurt, along with soup with rice or bread in it.  We are using much smaller spoons and taking meal time at a SLOWER pace.  Trying to get them to chew their food is tough. They are conditioned to eat and drink everything (and more) that is laid in front of them.

So far, it looks like we've opened the "box of chocolates" and found peanut clusters (that's a good thing, in this family...) We can't say enough about how well the children are getting along together, and how Dusty and Sonya are handling all of this change like troopers.
Big Hugs - from Little Miss Hugs-a-lot!
Snuggles from Grandma "Brwee" TOO!  Life is GOOD!
Dusty finally fell asleep with Grandma "Brwee."  Momma and Daddy were a little jealous!
 We arrived to our destination at 10:30 pm.  Emptied all our luggage from the train and all piled into a van which took us to the apartment we will stay in until we leave on Thursday.

We WIN the prize for MOST luggage - We TRIED to pack light!
All six of us sat in the same row and Grandma 'Brwee" sat in the front with Niko - our Universal Soldier! 

Our apartment was very nice and we were glad to get the children all in their PJ's, say our prayers and go to bed. "Thank you God for this wonderful "Gotcha Day!"

Again, Thank you for your prayers and support.  God is good, and our entire adoption process, from November 6 to May 19 was only was only 194 days!  Now that our EE adventure is nearing an end in expeditious fashion, we need to close the "Help Bring Dusty & Sonya Home" fundraiser a bit early.  The last day for donations will be May 19, and we will then get ready for the giveaway.  Keep in touch!

Love, John, Amy, Johnny, Carolyn Joy, Dusty, and Sonya.