Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.

Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Psalm 127:3-5

Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Children. 1 in Heaven, 2 Needing a Home!

We are in the home stretch!  We need to get Dusty and Sonya home, and to this end, we are leaving in one week for Eastern Europe!  

A STORY OF THREE ORPHANS:  We were originally Called to adopt sweet Nikita, an orphan with Down Syndrome in Eastern Europe.  Unfortunately, Nikita passed away on February 25 from Leukemia.  Nikita had just turned three years old.  Though we weren't able to adopt Nikita, he is in the arms of Jesus.  We know that finding and loving him was for a greater purpose and still part of God's perfect plan because Nikita has paved the way for our hearts to open up to Dusty and Sonya.   These two children, Dusty who is 6, and Sonya who is 5, are in the same orphanage where we found our dear Nikita.  

Dusty and Sonya both have Down Syndrome.  They need help to face the daily challenges that are ahead of them.  Additionally, Dusty has central nervous system issues, and Sonya has heart problems.  Amy and I have fallen in love with these most vulnerable children, and if you feel moved, we would love to enlist your help to rescue Dusty and Sonya!  

The "Bring Dusty & Sonya Home" Fundraiser 
To help Dusty and Sonya, we are forming a fundraiser featuring TWO gifts.  One contributor will receive an iPad 2!  Additionally, one contributor will receive an iPhone 4!   While the most important part of this effort is helping these vulnerable children in need, we understand that gifts (iPad 2, iPhone 4) can be incentives to support worthy causes!  

  1. This fundraiser will run from NOW until May 24 (We may extend the dates of the fundraiser if the fundraiser goal has not been met...)  
  2. All contributions for this fundraiser made through Reese's Rainbow are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
  3. Gift recipients will be selected from the entire pool of contributors.
  4. If you do not wish to contribute via the "Chip-In" button.  You can send a check to:  Reece's Rainbow - PO Box 4024 - Gaithersburg, MD 20885.  Be sure to write,  "Hinz Family Fundraiser"  in the memo.  Your donation WILL be tax deductible through this venue and we will make sure that you are included in the drawing.
  5. Each donation is $10.00.  If you contribute more than $10.00, you will have more chances to be selected for the gifts (i.e., a $50.00 donation will garner you 5 chances to be selected.
  6. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be directly used to bring Dusty & Sonya home.
  7. Specifically, the gifts are: 32 GB iPad with wifi (black or white) and an iPhone 4 - 16GB.  (The recipient of the iPhone will be sent an  iPhone GIFT CARD in order for them to set up subscription plan and carrier).
  8. No service or subscription plans will be included with the gifts offered in the fundraiser.
  9. Winners will be published on our Blog:
  10. Gifts will be brand new "in the box" and will be mailed (if necessary) via USPS first class methods.  Gifts can be hand delivered, if the gift recipients are in the proximity of Fredericksburg, VA.
To get started, click on the "Bring Home Dusty & Sonya" Chip-In at the top of this page.  Then follow the directions to make a donation.  God bless you and thank you for supporting Dusty and Sonya!

Love, John, Amy, Johnny & Carolyn Joy


  1. I am so, so, sorry. I have been crying my eyes out to see your beautiful Nikita passed away. I found a little girl I wanted to bring home and found out she passed away too. She was barely 6 months. I have been devastated and broken hearted ever since. I am so glad you will be able to save 2 other beautiful angels. Bless you and your family.


  2. May the Lord bless your family. You all seem so sweet and kind hearted. I am very sorry to hear that Nikita passed away. He is healed and with Jesus now. He is wrapped in his father's big loving arms. That is the best place to be. I pray for healing of your heart and mind. May the Lord bless you in your adoption journey. I am a prayer warrior and advocate for four children. They have all touched my heart. If you get a chance please visit my blog.

  3. Our prayers are with you as you bring home Sonya and Dusty! We are so sorry about Nikita, and are glad that he is now with the Lord. May your family be blessed!

  4. May God bless you in this wonderful journey of international adoption! I adopted my own little Nikita from Ukraine in 2008. :D

  5. Hi Amy. My mom (Diane Funkhouser) sent me a link to your blog, and after reading I can only wish you and your family success and happiness in your quest to adopt a special needs child.
    I also have a site and have been blogging about a year. I would be glad to share your posts to my facebook, email, and friends, and hope that you will do the same for Home Educating The Smith Boys ~

    Good luck and God's Blessing,
    Rebecca (Funkhouser) Smith

  6. I am friends with Valerie Rieben and I saw the link for your fundraiser on her facebook. I have shared it on my facebook as well! You are such a wonderful family! Good luck with everything! God bless!

  7. By the way, I live in Richmond, Virginia, so not too far away from you all! :)

  8. I had been watching Nikita's pictures/updates on Reece's Rainbow for over a year & just recently found out about his passing. I'm unable to adopt, but it warms my heart to know someone else tried. Wishing you nothing but the best for your other 2 children - prayers with you both.