Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.

Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Psalm 127:3-5

Sunday, April 17, 2011

First “Play Date” With Friends

Today, Saturday, April 16th, on the way to the orphanage our driver, Edward, stopped to pick up Carey Schwenzer and Aimee Medlin at an apartment very close to the apartment where we are staying.  Carey and her family are adopting two children, Julia & Aaron, from the same orphanage as us.  This is Carey’s second trip here.  Aimee has come along to help Carey bring the children home.  Their “Gotcha Day” should come by Thursday, April 21st and then they will travel home on April 27th.  We are VERY excited to be here together because they are our good friends from our church in Virginia!

When we arrived at the orphanage it was STILL raining so we walked quickly to the children’s building. 

We walked upstairs and down the hallway to get our children.  Carey’s little Julia is in the groupa across the hall from our little ones.  By the way, they had moved Dusty back into Sonya’s groupa as of the Monday before we arrived to make things easier for us.  Carey walked into Julia’s room and peeked over her crib.  Carey wondered how Julia would react after not being together during the 10 day waiting period.  No worries - Julia SMILED at her Momma!  
Carey and Julia

I knocked on the door of Sonya & Dusty’s groupa.  A nanny came out of a side room telling me something in Russian to which I just looked puzzled.  Then she rubbed her hands on her clothes – to let me know they were going to dress the children.  We waited and out came Sonya and Dusty.  They both looked like they were feeling better – ESPECIALLY Dusty.  His outfit was too cute.

There is a little boy named Danil who is on Reece’s Rainbow and he was very excited to meet everyone.  His grandparents come to visit him on the weekends.  It was very nice to see their compassion for their grandchild.  They are hoping that he will be adopted soon.  He is a cutie!  Hoping to help find him his forever family.  Click here to read more about him!

Danil and his Grandparents
Aaron is in another building and after a while he came up the stairs with his nanny.  He was VERY excited to see his Momma!  After Aaron arrived our “play date” roster was complete.

Just as the doctor had told us, Dusty was not interested in playing with anyone. We are going to remedy that for sure!  He did hold Daddy’s hand and was fine sitting on our laps.  He even smiled as I tickled his ear.  

Sonya, however, was a social butterfly.  She enjoyed sitting on many laps and “walking” around with different people.

Aimee with Sonya
Carey with Sonya
Sonya & Danil's Grandfather
Daddy was even able to steal a kiss.  We are looking forward to the day she and Dusty will give US a kiss!

The good byes are always hard at the orphanage, but for Aaron it was especially hard today.  He was speaking in Russian and thankfully Edward was able to translate for us.  Aaron was crying saying he wanted to go HOME to America today!  Poor little guy had all of us crying.  They tried to reassure him that we would be back tomorrow and he would go home SOON.


  1. Hello Arrows,
    I love you all! Thank you for the updates they make me feel closer. I can't wait to love love love them!I pray for all of you and you are in my thoughts every minute of the day. Blessed Palm Sunday.

    Aunt Diane

  2. Danil has a family coming for him I think! Is this sweet Danil ?

  3. Danil has a family! I'm not sure they've seen this blog post, but I bet they'd love to see those pictures!

  4. Oh, and by the way I have been following your story (I've been a lurker) and you guys are in my prayers, I just got very excited to tell you guys Danil had a family so I forgot to mention that.

  5. We love the updates, keep them coming. It is wonderful to read and see the pictures of
    Sonya and Dusty interacting with all of you. We love you very much and can't wait to get in on the "LOVING"! Keeping you in our prayers and hoping visit is successful!! Blessings on your Palm Sunday.

    Uncle Andy & Aunt Donna

  6. Your account and pictures of Danil with his grandparents brought tears to my eyes. What good, fine people they are - their love for their little grandson just shines through these pictures. It saddens me so much that they must lose personal contact with this sweet child whom they love so dearly in order for Danil to have a good life and a promising future. I hope that Danil's "forever family" will stay in contact with his grandparents, as they are surely part of his "forever family", too, and are clearly a blessing to him (as he is to them).

    Your own little ones are precious - will be glad when they're home!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U. (who also had a loving babushka in U. a long time ago...)

  7. Amy- we are committed to Danil on RR!! We are waiting on our I-171H to come back and can send over our dossier!! PLEASE contact me at would LOVE some more info about our boy!!!!

  8. Oh- and PLEASE tell Danil's grandparents that we are SO CLOSE to coming to get him (within 2 months, I hope!)...and that he will have 3 amazing that is his same and and has DS and that he has a bed here and about a thousand people who CANNOT WAIT until he comes home!!! (you can translate all that, can't you? lol!)

  9. Oh I fell in love with little Danil on Reece's Rainbow a long time ago, he was born just 4 days before my daughter Chloe and he is too cute! I thought he had a family coming for him though?? He's in the "my family found me" category...ooh I just found them!

  10. What a wonderful visit!!!


  11. Oh, poor Aaron! He will come home soon!
    I can't wait to see pics of all those darling kids at home!

  12. so so sweet!! I love the pics of all the people visiting their kids :)