Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth.

Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Psalm 127:3-5

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 5 - Jungle Gym Daddy

Monday, April 18, 2011 we were without Carey and Aimee because today they are taking the children to get pictures taken for their passports.  The sun is still shining enough to hang laundry to dry at the orphanage.  

We even find two burrows as we walk to the children’s building – guess there is no need for a lawn mower.   Had to take a picture for Johnny!

Dusty was not doing well again today.  Praying that his cold goes away soon.

  We are trying to get him to make eye contact with us.  Every once in a while he will look our way – we cheer him on when he does.  I held out my hand today and HE put his hand in mine!  Let me tell you – my heart leaped and it brought tears to my eyes.

Keep the prayers going… he has a long way to go but we are excited to be with him every step of the way!     

Sonya was chipper as usual.  She is pure sunshine!

  She thought Daddy was a jungle gym and crawled all over him.  He loved all the attention and she thought it was really funny.  

Dusty even leaned over Daddy’s legs.  A little exploring - yeah for Dusty!  
      Soon it was time for the children to go back to their groupa for lunch.  We got some pictures of them at the tables.
Sonya, Shawna & "Cutie Pie" (is what John calls her)

Lindsay, Dusty, & Big Guy (is what I call him) 
Thanks for all the prayers and thoughtful comments!  


  1. LOL! Your big guy is My Bruiser! funny :D

    Kids are looking great- praying for Dusty!

  2. Way to go, sweet Dusty! Baby steps....keep taking them. He is going to ASTOUND you with all that he learns once he's home.

    Love the little jungle gym climber :)

  3. Sonya is just a doll! Can't wait to meet her. A ray of sunshine seems to be a good description for her. I hope Dusty is better soon. He looks so sad. I'm sure the more time he gets to spend with you, the better he will be! We're praying for you all! - The Millers

  4. Dear Amy & John,

    Thank you for posting all of these great photos. We are really enjoying following your journey and it is so nice to see the children from Julia's groupa again. We will continue to pray for all of you. We are praying for an Easter miracle for Shawna and Lindsay.

  5. Enjoying your pictures! I cannot wait to see the healing that will occur for Dusty being with your family. They are both precious!

    Stephanie Lynch

  6. love the pics!! It is just amazing what attention and love will do :)